Wednesday, November 16, 2011

positively not sure

"What are you doing?" Stan kept staring at Lux. Something was not right. "Should you be wearing something like that to babysit in?"

"What's wrong with it?" She winced as if she always dressed this way. Ready for a night out on the town, evidently.

"Are you going somewhere?" He was eating a piece of string cheese from the fridge.

"I'm staying in." She nodded. "I got my nights mixed up, thats all." He heard her go to their room and chunk the boots off. A few minutes later she came back in gray yoga pants and her hoodie over her WHERE'S THE BEEF Tee shirt. "Better?"

"Yeah." Stan winced with a smile. "I..I almost thought you were someone, else there."

So many things were floating around in Stan's head. Was Lux just acting out because of her parents. Or maybe she really had a serious personality problem he wasn't aware of. But he decided to start dinner and keep calm.


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