Thursday, January 19, 2012

perfect timing

"Where have you been?" Sam told Michelle he'd been worried sick. "You didn't answer my messages. What is going on?"

He thought they were on the same page. In fact, the same chapter in their own little romance. And it was going great, or so he thought. But then, this disappearing act.

She looked out of sorts too. She looked kind of ill, in fact.

"Lux is what is going on." She informed him. "She's...she is so hard to know. I don't even want to know her. And I'm only trying to get to know her..because..because ..she's your sister."

"Well..." Sam didn't know how he felt about calling her..his sister.

"She's got problems, Sam." Michelle went to change. He thought it best to make tea, or something.

Finally, she re-appeared in the kitchen in his thermal shirt and flannels. He supposed he should turn up the heat. It was getting colder, and the dead of winter, practically.

"But, she's not the only one with a problem, Sam." Michelle told him.

Sam went to pour hot water for the Sleepy Time tea. He couldn't imagine what she was getting at. He wondered if he was suppose to guess.

"I'm pregnant." She blurted, and Sam missed her cup completely with the hot water..which in turn hit him on the toe. As if this was no time to be caught off guard.


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