Friday, September 30, 2011

on any night

"You called him? Didn't you?" Lux's eyes blazed as she looked Michelle over in her shiny silver blue sequined mini dress they found for her at one of the thrift places for 15 bucks. It was a steal.

"I wanted Sam to know who I was with?" Michelle winced. "Whats the harm in that?"

"They are suppose to take us somewhere." Lux told her she should have demanded him to make reservations somewhere.

"Well, Sam's not exactly one of those poor little rich boys." Michelle reminded her.

"Oh, yes he is. He can afford it." Lux knew different.

"He lives in an old brownstone. Its a one bedroom and the fridge sounds like its got a bird in it, at night." Michelle shook her head.

"All right, he might not be Chuck from Gossip Girl. But he could take us, some place special."

"I really, have no where to go in this." Michelle slicked the sides down of the glittery dress.

"We should go to the club, at least." Lux knew a place they could squeeze in. She knew the guy at the door.

"Not tonight." Michelle told her they'd been out all afternoon. It was getting late. "I have to work early tomorrow. Don't you have a date with a six year old or something?"

"Oh that." Lux almost forgot about the babysitting gig. She was expected there in 30 minutes. She looked down in the high heeled booties. She'd accidently walked out without paying for them. They weren't the ones in the Desperately Seeking Susan movie. But they almost were. She guessed they wouldn't miss them. "Well, we'll go some other night. If the boys don't want to go, so what. We'll have a blast." Lux smiled. She was so ready to dance. She was bringing her favorite disco playlist tonight. It was time to party, where ever she was going.


  1. Oh, Lux enjoys spiting him..I think.

  2. Lux is definitely on the verge of being out of control! :/


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