Friday, September 23, 2011

thats how it is

Stan knew something was up with Sam. Maybe.

1. Sam hadn't asked him if he wanted anything to drink. Sam was the master of letting him take anything from the fridge.

2. He was just not being Sam.

"Is Michelle, OK?" Stan asked. The TV wasn't on. Not even a video game was static in the background.

"Yeah, she's...great." Sam nodded as if he were lost in his own livingroom. Stan went to find them drinks.

"Are you sure?" Stan stared at Sam wondering what it could be. Something was off.

Sam hugged himself tight. "OK, there are 2 things I want to tell you."

"Fine." Stan opened a can of pop. "And then we can play Zombieland?"

Sam nodded. It looked as if Sam were ill to tell him.

"I saw Tony." Sam winced and plopped to the couch, grabbing the remote. It was as if he didn't want to say a thing. "Tony thinks he's might be in love with you."

"Wonder what world he's living in?" Stan took it in stride and sat next to Sam, but not too close.

"I know..its crazy..and then..then he comes by the Cupcake to tell Michelle that Caddie's having a baby." Sam shrugged as if he might be telling him all this in his sleep. "Can you believe that?"

"I dunno." Stan wasn't going to make much of it. Maybe it was true. Even so, he felt sorry for the kid. Caddie was one who had her own way of thinking of others. Sometimes, you had no idea she was even doing it. "Hopefully, she's changed."


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