Friday, September 16, 2011

a friend indeed

Michelle was in a sweat. It was cool out, but inside it was as if the heater kicked in, already. Of course, she wasn't going to ask what was happening at THE CUPCAKE. The customers seemed satisfied. But she was a little warm.

"What could that mean?" Lux was being mysterious, eyeing Michelle who was at her post, the cash registor while Lux got the sweets and drinks for the customers. "Got a bun in the oven?" Lux smirked back at Michelle.

Of course, Michelle ignored her. She hugged herself tight. It was hard to smile now. She was sure she'd get reprimanded that she wasn't nice enough to the customers.

"Just kidding." Lux teased. "That would never happen." Lux twisted and turned about. Michelle wasn't sure what Lux was getting at. It was quiet then. Not a soul looking for a cupcake or a frozen drink. Lux slipped up next to Michelle then. "Look, I'm going to start babysitting at night." She didn't sound thrilled. "You could come over and cheer me on. You know, where you tell the kid that I am the best. Shit like that."

"Well, lets hope you won't be saying that word." Michelle reminded her.

"Oh. No. Of course not." Lux winced, shaking her head. "Its just we need the extra cash."

Michelle nodded as if she understood.

Finally, the door jingled. A customer. Only it was Tony. Lux looked at Michelle. They both grimaced. But Lux stepped up took his order as if he were a stranger. At least, he wasn't offering her how she could do her job better or how was Stan. He wanted a brownie and a black coffee.

Michelle rang him up. He gave her the cash and she gave him back change.

"I dunno if you know, or not." He looked her in the eye. Michelle only gritted thinking that smart mouth of his would say something detrimental, but he didn't. "Caddie's gonna have a baby."

"She is?" Michelle winced.

"You didn't know?" His gaze was serious.

"I haven't spoken to her, in like forever." She festered back.

"I just-" He shrugged, but didn't even finish his sentence. It was as if he knew, they were done, he wouldn't try  again to even speak to her.

"And you weren't even that mean to him." Lux came up from behind and whispered in her ear.  Michelle looked back at her. "Hey, we should go thrifting when we get out of here." Lux decided instantly.

"I dunno. I really shouldn't." Michelle shook her head.

"Oh, come on." Lux tugged at her free arm. "Look, I gotta an extra 20. Lets see if we can find two outfit on that."

"No way." Michelle cracked up. This was not exactly Good Will hunting. Not around here. These places were vintage and that meant money, but Michelle was willing to see if it could happen


  1. Lux being nice. What a surprise. But what a tease.

  2. Poor Michelle..but maybe Lux will be a true friend.

  3. Michelle could use a friend right now. :)

  4. I have to wonder kind of outfits they might find.

  5. why yes, yes that is a dream catcher, sorry i took a while to respond, I have been on edge with all of this school work


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