Friday, September 2, 2011

just a little thing

"What has gotten in to you?" Sam really knew he shouldn't have even asked about seeing his Dad. It always peeved his mother. It wasn't that he'd meant to be angry. He wasn't. But why hadn't his dad wanted to meet Michelle.

"Nothing." Sam shrugged. She sounded as if he were bitter. Well, maybe he was. Kind of. He thought he and his Dad were friends, even if they didn't exactly know each other as father and son. But since Lux's Dad found out about Sam, they hadn't really connected. Exactly.

"Its not his fault. He's..he's putting all his energies into that new family of his." His mother crossed her arms. Naturally, she was worried about those little matters going on in his life. Had he gotten his dental check up? Did he know this was a good time to get his flu shot?

"I get that, Mom. Its just, I would like to see him. I'd like for him to get to know Michelle." Sam didn't want to make an issue.

"What about her?" His mother winced. Sam almost laughed. He knew she still wanted to be the only woman in his life.

"We're getting serious." Sam went to get his mother some coffee. Michelle had made an apple pie. Naturally, his mother wouldn't touch it. Too much sugar for her blood, evidently.

"How serious?" His mother looked at him as if that could not be true.

"I love her, Mom." Sam brought her the black coffee. They sat down in his little livingroom. He looked about the place thinking he wished he could offer Michelle more, but that would take his mother's help, and he was sure she wasn't going to do anything for Michelle and him.

"You don't even know what love is." She informed him.

"Yeah, you smothering me." Sam let slip. He sighed pushing back his wavy dishwater locks. "Look, you can't think I'm 15 forever. I'm not." As always, these conversation were never simple. They always came back to be about his mother and no one else. No wonder his Dad never stayed around.


  1. I loved Sam's comeback line.

  2. I did like what Sam said to her. Hope she won't cause trouble for him and Michelle.


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