Friday, September 9, 2011

growing pains

Lux couldn't say bringing Stan home had changed anything. She knew what her Mom was thinking. Just think of who you could be with now. Maybe even married. She didn't say it. Her Mom did bring up college. Why wasn't she more serious about finding a career? Helping herself?

Maybe Lux was her own worst enemy. Lux knew this. She wanted to change. She did. And maybe she was..all thanks to Stan.

"You should fight for a better schedule." She told him the next day when he was getting ready for work at 3 in the afternoon. He probably wouldn't be home til 3 in the morning.

"Yeah, and lose my job." Stan slightly smirked as he buttoned up in his uniform.

"How long have you been there?" It felt as if lately, she didn't see him at proper hours. Sure, she sleep odd hours, and be awake as soon as he got home. She didn't want to tell him he was ruining her beauty sleep. How on earth  was she suppose to manage college too? With this kind of arrangement.

"I dunno. Maybe a year." Stan shrugged.

"Then you should have a say." Lux knew she would demand it. Of course, she didn't want to get him fired, either.

"I'm fine at the moment." Stan informed her. "But I'll start looking. Looking for another job, if that would help."

"What? Another job? On top of this one?" Was he mad? She put her arms around him. "Don't you dare." She hugged him tight. She supposed she could look after the little brat, two doors down. His Mom was a nurse. And the pay would be good. She'd only have to see to him until midnight.


  1. It's nice to see them coming together to make a life for themselves. :)

  2. I think she is matter what.


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