Friday, August 26, 2011

what else is new

Tony was trying to wing it. Of course, he wasn't exactly sure what he was trying to wing at the moment.

It was hard not to have friends. It wasn't like he could go to AA's and say, "Hey, can any of you be my friend?"

He was beginning to think he might have Aspbergers. He knew that couldn't be true. Really, he had people skills, now didn't he?

He called Tea once, which was a bad idea. He said he only wanted to talk. She informed him, they had nothing to talk about. After all, she was off on a dance scholarship this summer and only had time for Broadway.

This summer really sucked. He did leave Michelle a few messages, but he suspected she was ignoring him big time.

Finally, he bumped into Daisy.

"So how's it going?" Tony was all smiles.

"Why would you want to know?" Daisy looked him over as if he were on drugs, already. "Isn't always the Tony show, with you?"

Tony winced. He told her this whole transition of going from school to college was strange. He didn't feel quiet himself.

"What do you want, Tony?" She was harsh. He understood that.

"I deserve that. I do. But, but I'd really just like to catch up." He wanted to know if she was still with Abbud. They weren't. Had she heard from Chris? Tony found out Chris was in jail. Drugs finally got the best of him. "What about Cadie?" He was expecting the worst. After all she was the psycho of the bunch he'd hung out with.

"Don't you know, she's gonna have a baby." Daisy smiled.

"A baby?" Tony winced. That was the last thing he thought he'd ever here Daisy say about Cadie.


  1. Whoa! I seriously didn't see that coming! :/

  2. Its always interesting to catch up with old friends.

  3. What would you say? Hmm, I gotta wonder about Caity?


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