Friday, August 5, 2011

getting along

"I think its working out great." Lux was all so friendly. Michelle kept listening. Her feet were tired and there were some things she just wasn't used to doing, like bussing tables. But she'd seen way too many cupcakes, lately. So she was happy to make sandwiches.

Michelle nodded. Perhaps a little skeptical at what Lux was trying to get out.

"We should go out sometime." Lux acted as if right now would be the prefect opportunity.

"But..uh..I think we see enough of each it is?" Michelle didn't mean to be bitchy about it, but no way would they ever be best friends. Lux didn't even get along with Sam who was sort of family.

"OK." Lux leaned against the back of the counter and watched Michelle make sure the bread was warming in the warmers, correctly. "Look, there will come a time when you'll have to meet my parents too. They'll want to know who Sam's living with."

Michelle bit her bottom lip as she worked with the bread and went to look at the dressings to see if it was all in proper order. She finally gave her a nod.

"Have you brought Sam home?" Lux was checking her nails. Her dark gray nail polish had a few scratches from the cash register machine.

"Um, I kind of like keeping him a secret." Michelle finally admitted. Her mother thought she'd gone on a trip to Vancouver and was cycling with some friends this summer. Of course, her mom was vacationing with a new boyfriend in the Virgin Islands.

"Really?" Lux looked at her in disbelief. "Are you serious? You devil you."

Michelle had never thought it devilish. It was just her Mom could be over top when it came to her boyfriends. And there was the fact, her Mom thought Michelle and Tony were taking a break.

"I'll tell her. She'll know Sam." Michelle told her. But not just yet. She wanted Sam to herself. Seriously, she wasn't that anxious to have parents around. At the moment, she felt more independent than she ever did.

"I so wish you and Sam could go with Stan and me to this dinner with my Mom, but I know. I have to face them. I just have to get it over with." Lux went to wait on a customer then.

Michelle agreed. Still she didn't think they'd be best friends anytime soon.


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