Friday, August 12, 2011

what's to know

"I think Lux wants us to be there at that dinner with her parents." Michelle informed Sam, who was trying to finish up some homework on his laptop. He was actually taking a class this summer.

"It would be kind of funny to be there." He winced a laugh, "But I'm pretty sure Dad would be furious with me. I'll call, see if we can make plans together. Or just the three of us." It had been a while since checking in with his dad. The fact remained, they didn't have to make appointments to hang out. "I do want him to meet you."

"You, don't get along with Lux's mother?" Michelle then asked as she went to change in the bedroom in her usual comby clothes, pajamma pants and one his tanks.

"I just never thought she had time for me. And you know, why bother." She'd never bought him a Christmas or birthday present. He was only there for a thirty minute dinner on holidays.

Michelle went to the fridge and pulled out the cold spaghetti. He watched her eat her favorite food. He bet she didn't touch any of the food at work.

"Rough day?" He wondered then.

"Not really. Lux isn't so bad." She kept at the cold spaghetti. "Look, I'm thinking we should go see my mom."

"OK." Sam nodded, he was up for it.

"Its just, she's ..well, such a flirt." Michelle rolled her eyes. "In fact she's a slut. I-I just want to prepare you for the worst. She likes to walk around in her lingerie." Michelle sighed.

Sam sheepishly smile. Michelle definitely didn't take after her mother.


  1. Its about time they brought in their family..into this...

  2. Good grief; her mom sounds intimidating! :/


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