Monday, June 13, 2011

wearing out the welcome

"What the fuck!" Tony almost keeled over.

"You know what you were doing!" Lux looked as if she'd spit nails at him if she could. She didn't stay in bed long. She put up a fuss, ready to knock him the balls again if he came close.

"NO!'ve got it all wrong." Tony winced hard trying to hold the pain in. Really, she could pack a punch. He thought she was the nice kind. Who had Stan gotten mixed up with?

"Does Stan know you are like this?" Tony heaved in pain.

"Yes." She gritted, her fist hard. "He knows I can take care of myself."

"God, you don't have to be so fuck'n crazy, you know." Tony was still hurt'n from Lux's punches.

"Somebody, has to be." She went to the kitchen then. He followed as if she might make him dinner, but she made herself a cold chocolate milk, drank it, without offering him anything. "Stop being such man-whore. Its not gonna get you anywhere, with anyone around here, because is somebody comes asking about you..well, I'll tell it like it is. Don't you ever come near me." She glared at him. "Don't even come near Stan, if you know what's good for you."

"He's the one who said I could stay."  That's the way he'd understood it.

"Think again...." She was pissed with a few more precise words. "Sleep on the damn street, for all I care. You are not staying with us."

Just then, Tony heard the door. Stan was coming in with a box of pizza.


  1. I hope a blow-up isn't coming; though I can't say that I blame her. :/

  2. Oh, I think she'll rule the to speak.

  3. No telling what Lux could do to him.


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