Friday, June 10, 2011

not quite a dream come true

Lux was on some sort of cloud of happiness. She thought she was pretty damn good at her job down at the CUPCAKE. And what she couldn't do, well, she grinned right through it. They loved her. The customers loved her.

OK, so maybe that damn manager wouldn't let her catch a break, but still, she knew what she was doing and she could hardly wait, until tomorrow. She felt energized.

She unlocked the apartment door, hoping Stan was there. A Stan without Tony. She sneaked around, hoping there would not be a trace of Stan's long lost friend. They definitely didn't need this jerk around. What did Stan ever see in this ass, anyway? She began to wonder as she went to their room and plopped in the middle of the bed.

Yes, maybe her bones did ache. She'd been on her feet all day. And she was a little sleepy. She couldn't keep her eyes open. She yawned then and felt as if she were slowly falling into cement. She just couldn't fight the sleep.

But as soon as she was in dreamland, well, who would she be dreaming of? Certainly, not Stan, as she'd hoped. No, it would have to be Tony. Unfortunately.

"What are you doing here!" She was furious. Had she remembered to lock the door? "I hate you, you know. I hate what you've done to Stan. If anyone could have a best friend as good as Stan, well, they'd be thanking him..everyday. But you, you're a fuck'n asshole!" She felt as if she were losing breath. Tony coming over her as if he'd have a go at her, right now. Right now.

Suddenly, she opened her bright blueberry eyes. She wasn't dreaming. He was really here. She had forgotten to lock the door.

Lux clinched her teeth. Her fist, too, but it was her foot that stabbed Tony right in the crotch and the other in the stomach. She was ready to kill him. She really was.


  1. That was some kick she gave him.

  2. yes sound like a tough job!

    H&C from Amsterdam


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