Wednesday, June 15, 2011

get this party started

"Shit." Stan sighed under his breath. "I thought..." He should have known Tony wouldn't have left. "Are you gonna leave now?"

Stan didn't waste anytime waiting for an answer. He put down the pizza. He hadn't expected Tony. This was Lux's favorite Hawaiian pizza and he knew she wouldn't want to share.

"He's leaving." Lux glared at Tony with disgust.

Tony just nodded.

"Look, you've got a home. You've got your sister." Stan knew Tony had no idea how really lucky he was. "I just can't deal with you, anymore. I don't need your problems. All right."

He wasn't going to dare be sucked into Tony's sad luck.

"Fine." Tony sighed ever so restless. At least he left on his own.

Lux rolled her eyes. She got out plates for the pizza.

"I hate him, Stan. I really do. I don't know how anyone can..can even be friends with him." She gritted, but didn't waste time getting into a slice of pizza.

"Well, he's gone now." Stan gave her a lopsided smile. "So did you get it? The job."

"Maybe." She acted as if she didn't care, but he knew she did.

"What do you want to do tonight?" He pressed a smile, watching her devour a couple of slices of pizza.

"What do yo want to do?" She looked as if he had to decide.

Stan sighed then. "How about we just see where the night takes us." There were a lot of free things to do out there in the city. Listen to musicians on the corner give free concerts for starters. "Maybe we'll go dancing." He bit into a slice then.

"Dancing? You and me?" Lux laughed.

"What's so funny about that?" Stan chuckled.

"OK. Lets do it." She seemed happy about the idea of them doing something new, together.

Stan couldn't help but watch her. Where did all this energy come from? But what ever it was, it was contagious. No way, was he going to let Tony bring him down.


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