Monday, May 30, 2011

painful reality

"It couldn't have been that bad, today." Sam knew Michelle needed a hug as soon she got home. She looked so tired and out of it. She'd been on her feet all day. She tossed her wedges as soon as she found the couch.

"They said they'd call me." She looked worried.

Sam kept smiling as if he wasn't sure how to comfort her. He sat next to her. Finally she put her head in his lap and stretched out on the couch. She told him she had a headache. He did his best to stroke her hair and make her comfortable, hoping his leg didn't go to sleep.

"Do you think Lux is prettier than me?" She murmured.

Sam was startled. He didn't know what she was asking. Exactly. "NO." It finally donned on him what she wanted to hear. "Of course not. She's..she's short. She doesn't know how to act her age." He cleared his throat, trying to think of more things to say to make Lux look bad. "She-she has a bad temper too. She wouldn't last, you know, even-even if she does get."

"You think she'll get it?" She was not in a good mood. He knew.

"Now, I'm not psychic, 'chelle." He helped her up. "You take a hot shower. I'll make you a grilled cheese and tomato soup." He pulled a lock of her messy hair behind her ear and looked at her face. Then he kissed her forehead. "We'll just stay in, maybe catch up on Vampire Diaries." He nodded with a smile. Of course, he'd wanted to go to a party tonight, but it wouldn't be the same without Michelle.

"Lux saw Tony." She barely said.

"Tony?" Sam squinted then. "Stan's best friend?"

"They aren't best friends anymore." She told him.

Sam just nodded.

"You know why that is, don't you?" She looked at him blankly.

"He's a user. Tony just uses people." Sam knew.

"Its my fault." She frowned. Of course, she could barely keep her eyes open.

"Your fault?" That was just ridiculous to Sam.

"I broke them up." She nodded as if she might cry.

"Now you're sounding like those two were gay, or something." Sam kind of laughed.

"It was the best bromance ever, and I ruined it." Michelle told him. She sniffed hard as the tears spread down her cheeks.

Sam hugged her, but he had to wonder if Michelle still had feelings for Stan. Maybe it had nothing to do with Tony.


  1. funny what he said about Stan and Tony. Sam's a good boyfriend.

  2. Aww. Michelle seems so stressed.

  3. Why do we do that..blame ourselves for so many things.

  4. Sam is great. Michelle has to stop this fussing over old stuff. Easier said than done.


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