Friday, May 27, 2011

more than cupcakes

"Guess who's back?" Lux gave Michelle a sly smile. They were watching how to work the cash registor down at THE CUPCAKE. The manager hadn't decided who would get the job yet. Michelle was certain that Lux was just trying to distract her in this race to see who would be the new person, down at the shop.

"I don't want to guess." Michelle words were sullen, so was the expression on her face. Why did Lux have to be so cheery? It irritated Michelle more.

"You don't want to guess?" Lux grinned with a twist that she was better with customers than Michelle would ever be.

"You heard me." Michelle's face stayed soured. But she couldn't give up. She had to show Sam that they were a team. That she wanted to contribute when it came to rent and their life together.

"God, you're so serious." Lux remarked. She fiddled with the cash registor then as if she was showing she knew what to do, and possibly Michelle didn't. "Don't worry, your ex didn't even ask about you." She kept her eye on the registor. Her smile open and sincere, but her words were poison. The kind of words that would spoil Michelle's day.

Michelle's face grew more grim. Lux knew Tony? Suddenly, she felt sad for Stan. But then again, maybe it would be a good thing if Lux fell in with Tony. She could only imagine the disaster that awaited. Sure it might damage Stan for awhile, but it was for his own good. She couldn't stand the thought of Lux and Stan together. Not that Michelle wanted to get back with Stan.

Michelle felt a warm laugh rising up her throat. And finally she did laugh when she heard the beep from the cash register. Lux didn't know what she was doing, after all. Michelle sighed with relief. She just might get this job after all.


  1. Maybe Lux is somewhat sociopathic.

  2. I really love Lux, the character itself is very full and vibrant


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