Wednesday, May 4, 2011

not quite rock n' roll

There was a time Lux thought she could get anybody she wanted. It was a fleeting moment. She supposed.

Yes, she thought of Bug instantly. And for the life of her, she wondered what she saw in him. Really? Obviously, she had this notion it would last...FOREVER. Which it didn't.

True, she felt certain now, she'd been so wrong about so many things ..when it came to her love life.

Well, she wasn't thinking straight now. And if Toshia asked tomorrow..that was what she'd say. "I wasn't thinking..."

She squinted hard thinking about it now as she got up to go to the bathroom in Stan's Night of the living Dead T-shirt. After she peed, she looked herself in the mirror. No, she'd tell Tosh nothing, because what did she know. What did she really know?

Lux yawned then and looked back at Stan who was in a deep sleep. She smiled at herself then. Maybe it was Stan she was smiling about. Yes, it was done. Sort of.

It was the start of something. A slight shiver came over her. She looked at the chipped black fingernail polish on her finger nails. That would have to go. She wanted to look sweet enough for the part down at THE CUPCAKE. After all, she wanted to show Stan that she could work too. Two could play at this. This would be a team effort.

She went to get the nail polish remover and cleaned up her nails. She would put on some pale subdued color. Yes, she was going to be the'd be happy to meet. Right? So she went to the livingroom to clean up her nails and repaint them with some quick dry nail polish.

Of course, it was well after mid-night. She'd hurry this up and then straight to bed. She so wanted to get a deserved night's rest and be ready for the morning. If only her body could get more than five hours of sleep. Seriously, there was probably something wrong with her, but that was the way she worked. Sleepless, no doubt.

She glided on the polish on each finger. Her small nails were perfection. She smiled with satisfaction at the sweet pink polish. Just as she was finishing up, Lux thought she heard a knock on the door. She stared at it with anticipation. It was quiet again. But a minute or so later the tapping started once more. She jumped. Walked softly toward the door, but hesitated.

She turned and swiftly ran back to the bedroom and hid under the covers. It was too late to let anyone in. No way, would she start crap like that. There was a curfew here. Starting now. But she got up and went to peak in the livingroom to make sure all the chains and the deadbolt secured. It was.

Lux sighed and went back to bed. Of course, Stan hadn't noticed anything. He was snoozing like a little puppy on his side away from her. She didn't care. She snuggled close and put her arms around his middle and wedged her chin on his shoulder. Nothing was going to stop them now. Nothing.


  1. That's kind of scary..about the knock on the door..

  2. hahaha..about Stan..sleeping puppy.

  3. I wonder who's at the door. Hope they go away.

  4. Kind of creepy about someone at the door that late.

  5. Ooh, what a cliffhanger. I wonder who's out there. :/


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