Tuesday, May 10, 2011

he's back


Tony had finally decided to go looking for his friends. He found that he really didn't have that  much in common with some of the gang, after all. Perhaps he was changing.

He'd had a set back when things didn't work out with Michelle. He couldn't help to be in love with Tea. He didn't want to. It was the craziest thing. Like a challenge of some kind. He guessed. After all, Tea would be always be a lesbian. He'd sulked about this for sometime. It could have been weeks, months..years. It was a blur now. Staying in his room. In the dark. He slept a lot. He might as well have been in a coma.

And then one day, he saw the sun peaking in his very dark room, and the birds were singing as if they were getting ready to rescue a Disney Princess. He looked out the window and something inside him pressed with glee. He decided it was time to go on with life and stop waiting around for the inevitable.

Tony Snyder had decided it was finally time to find his best friend Stanley.

Of course, he didn't exactly know where to start. His sister Eura was no help at all. A hinderence, perhaps. She told him Stan had gone away since he had nothing left for him here. No family. No house. It had been sold. A new family lived there with little kids.

Tony couldn't help but wonder where he'd gone. How could Stan have just ran away like that? He couldn't have gone far? After staking out a skate park and a few of the places Stan usually hung out, like the lake. He'd moved on to down-town. And he'd spotted Michelle. They didn't exactly talk. Somehow, he thought for sure she'd lead him to Stan. So he kept a watchful eye. And thats when he found out Stan had  his own place now, with a girl.

It was all, so unlikely, he envied him too. How could Stan have it so swell? All Tony really wanted was to be a part of that. Didn't Stan have a little room in his life for him now?


  1. Tony would come around..wouldn't he.

  2. Tony sounds like he's going to be a blast - and a bad influence at the very same time. :/

  3. What will Lux do..with him around???

  4. This could just be trouble..for sure.

  5. he's gonna cause problems. just know it.

  6. The picture is killer :) but I think something is starting up, something a bit bad............


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