Thursday, April 21, 2011

once the party is over

Sam thought it best to just let Michelle stew for awhile. He was too tired to fuss about it. He should have never helped Lux and Stan move. It drained him. He felt his body could hardly move now. He just wanted to take it easy. Besides, shouldn't they be happy to have his place to themselves.

"What's the matter?" Sam finally asked. Michelle was, after all, keeping to herself at his place. She never went home, but then he felt like she wasn't there, either. She was huddled on the couch now. He'd fallen asleep in bed with the lights on. He'd gotten up to see to her.

"I dunno." She didn't look well. But maybe it was something too emotional.

"It has to be something." He looked at her point blank.

She sighed heavily then. "What if I don't get that job? What if Lux gets it, down at THE CUPCAKE?"

"There are other jobs. Better ones, even." He sighed. As it was he worked down at the youth center. "Maybe I can find you something there."

She acted as if she weren't interested, but he sat down next to her and put his arm around her.

"I know you're smart. I do. You'll find something." It sounded like a promise. Her lashes fluttered. Sam smiled. He kissed her cheek. If only someone wasn't making him feel old before his time. That sister of his was only there to cause trouble. But his bones ached. He couldn't waste time blaming his love life on Lux.

Sam made an effort to hold Michelle close. "You sure, that's all there is?"

"God, why would Stan go off with Lux?" Michelle finally fretted.

"What?" Sam sighed.

"Its not that I want Stan for my self..." Michelle sighed. "I just think he could do better, you know."

"Well, he's got to find that out for himself." Sam slyly smiled.

"I guess." Michelle looked him in the eye that time. "What if we start looking like each other?" She said out of the blue.

"Do we?" Sam almost laughed.

"I think we do." Michelle nodded.

"That can't possibly be bad? Now can it?" Sam just smiled. Michelle smiled too. Then she kissed him.


  1. Michelle just needs a little faith...

  2. Its hard to be someone's cheerleader, sometimes.

  3. Funny, how she thinks they look like each other.

  4. Sometimes you have to stop trying to change things, and simply accept them as they come. :)

  5. I agree with Ivy... a little faith Michelle


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