Saturday, April 16, 2011

here we go again

Well, Stan knew he could be in bed about now(it was so late..early morning in fact), but he kind of dread it. Funny, how he didn't exactly feel at  home here. Maybe  he never would with Lux around..he was beginning to think. Of course, he was kind of a piglet he knew. He was good at getting chocolate on his face, letting things go until it stuck to his skin what a mess he'd make. At the moment, he was making French toast..because, he was hungry, but he was cleaning up along the way. He would do better. At least try, even if his bones were tired, and he felt so sleepy.

"You made this?" Lux inspected the plate of golden toast he put down on the little kitchen table. Stan nodded. She grabbed a piece then. "Wow, I don't even need syrup. What did you do?" She smiled like a little kid then.

"Its the honey I mixed in the batter." Stan sighed.

"You are the best." She gave him a sticky kiss then. "This is gonna be great, just the two of us." She licked her fingers then.

"Yeah, just great." He was after all with the princess who ruled the roost, which he didn't mind, yet he felt he had to be on guard, just the same. It would always be that way...from now on. He couldn't exactly could he?

"You don't sound..positive." She looked at him, even lipped. Stan looked down at the toast, stuck a fork in it, picked it up and took a bite.

"You know me." He gave her a slight shrug. After all, he was pretty much pessimistic Stan, now wasn't he?

"You're mad at me." She looked him over as if she might be Tinker Bell and held all the magic.

"No. I'm not." He winced.

"You do like me, right?" Lux wanted to know after she finished up her slice of toast.

"I guess." He knew then that was the wrong answer. Instantly she swelled a frown. "Yes." He croaked.

She kept staring.

Stan bit the corner of his bottom lip. He felt he was a fix of some kind. But she came over to him..edged in to his lap. And when her fingers touched the bottom of his chin..he got an inkling..this just might be a new chapter.


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