Tuesday, April 12, 2011

at the end of the day

"Are we done yet?" Lux was so tired, she felt as if she let herself fall into bed..she would not wake up.

"Pretty much." Stan was wide-eyed awake. He was drinking something cold from the fridge. It was fruit punch.

"Lets just say we are." She decided.

"Sounds good to me." He took another sip from the bottle and she took it from him. She needed something sweet. After a sip, she sighed.

"I dunno if I can make myself go to bed." She closed her eyes gently.

"What are you talking about?" Stan smiled as he watcher her with his drink.

"I dunno what I'm saying anymore." She was very sleepy. "Maybe I'm just intoxicated."

"On what?" He took the drink before she spilled it.

"I'm scared." She did feel overwhelmed, living in someone else's space. Someone who had had decades to consume the space.

"Of what?" He kind of winced.

"At least my mother doesn't know yet." Lux smiled. Yes, one bit of happiness. Her mother did not know everything.

"Uh...well..." Stan put his drink back in the fridge.


"There was a box from Omaha steaks from your parents." Stan shrugged.

"WHAT!" Lux looked at him as if he'd committed a crime.

"Look, it filled up the whole freezer." He opened the top part of the fridge. It was lined up neatly with frozen meat.

Lux hugged herself tightly. What was it with these people? Really? She wanted nothing to do with them..except they just kept giving. Giving her stuff she didn't even want.


  1. What are we gonna do with that Lux. Well, they have food..at least..

  2. Hopefully, she'll relax..soon.

  3. Maybe she's too tired to think straight.

  4. She just needs to calm down and get her thoughts together. :)

  5. Oh, she has to let them see her again.


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