Monday, March 14, 2011

thinking it over

Lux slowly let it set in. She and Stan were both orphans. Yes, they were. Even if she did have parents. Parents she didn't even think much of, at the moment. Parents who still wanted to help her. Who found a way to give her something, here and there. Still, they would never be who she needed. They weren't real parents. But then again, maybe she didn't like real parents.

Well, it was something like that. She guessed. Anyway, she decided to find the flour. There was even yeast in the fridge. Just what she needed to make pizza. Lux couldn't remember the last time she got her hands messy. Thats what she needed to do. Get them messy. So she did. As well as the old gray T-shirt she wore. It was floured too. Even the tip of her nose and a dusting on her bare toes.

It was quite a mess. She was doing the recipe from memory, anyway. She was sure two cups of flour were right. She had a ball of dough soon enough. Suddenly, she remembered the olive oil like lotion. She rubbed it about her hands and fingertips and slathered the ball up as if it might be a pig's butt that needed a massage.

Lux smiled with pleasure. She hadn't felt this good about something she'd done for herself, in a long time.

"Whatcha doing?" Stan surprised her. He dug in the fridge for some juice.

"Making a pie." She beat her fist into the dough then.

"Really?" He stood there like an idiot with nothing better to do Than drink the orange juice from a cup. "Well, you know about that thing, don't you? That Caleb's having tonight."

"What thing?" She looked back at him with a wince.

"You know, its like a cookout, I guess." Stan shrugged.

"A cookout?" It was the first time she'd heard of it. This peeved her. Seriously. She was going to make Stan pizza, and he had other plans. She was so steamed as she fought with the dough more. But she took a deep breath. "I guess I'll bring the pizza with me and..and he can grill it." That would have to do. She guessed.

For once, she wanted to show Stan..she could fend for her own. She made a damn good pizza. And she wanted to make it for him, and no one else. But she'd have to make it for them, and that made her a little nervous which she wasn't expecting. Because, Caleb nor Tosh..not even Termite deserved her pizza.


  1. I do wonder about that pizza.

  2. It's sad that she feels like she's got to prove something.

  3. I wish she didn't feel the need to prove herself. :/

  4. I'm glad she wants to do something for Stan.

  5. Its so hard to know what she really wants to do. I feel for her.

  6. I'm sure Stan will love that pizza.

  7. I really liked that orphan metaphor because yeah...sometimes even with parents you can feel like an orphan.


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