Saturday, March 12, 2011

things you have to say

"Can we settle on he fact that..that the only reason you are with Michelle is because...she looks like me." Lux shrugged.

Sam rolled his eyes at that.

"God, get over yourself, will you?" Sam fretted then.  Sometimes, he could hardly stand Lux. "Can we stop talking about Michelle now." He held a note. It was from her mother, not his. She would not take it. She tossed it in the trash.

"Why?" She stood there in Stan's baggy thermal shirt while she was waiting for the pop tart in the toaster.

"Stop worrying about my love life." Sam told her.

"What love life?" Lux cracked up. "Love has got nothing to do with it." She winced as she turned back to the toaster that just popped up her breakfast. She burned herself, but Sam didn't care. She was being a bitch, as usual.

"Would you stop it! You don't even know her, Lux." Sam hated it when she pushed his buttons. He didn't want to go in overdrive about this.

"Who said I wanted to know her? I don't." Lux poured herself some milk and set down at the table to break open the blueberry tart. She ate as if she were a sweet little princess waiting for him to serve her something else, besides this.

He poured himself a cup of coffee as he drew a breath.

"You know, she goes way back with Stan. Like before preschool. She said." Sam set down across from his half-sister.

"What do I care?" She didn't.

"Did you make him sleep in the bathtub, all night?" Sam asked about Stan then.

"He wanted too." She licked her fingers.

"You have to be nicer to him." Sam's throat felt parched. "He lost his Dad, OK. to stop..whatever it're doing to him."

Lux let out a sigh. But she didn't say anything. She gave him her little duck lips smile as if maybe she were only three, and he was suppose to think it cute.

Sam remained even lipped and finished his black coffee.


  1. She is just. So. Funny. Charming, even.

  2. Oh, Lux, the world seems to revolve around her.

  3. She is something. She would drive me crazy..if I were Sam.

  4. Honestly, she has a way of making him worse, but he might have done the same to her.

  5. I hope she's thinking about Stan. Somehow.

  6. such siblings. but I'm glad Sam spoke up for Stan.

  7. <3 I just swooned. I don't even know why though but this is my kind of story!

  8. She's so sassy. I do wonder how Sam keeps up with her.


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