Saturday, March 19, 2011

in the mix

Maybe going to Tosh and Caleb's was a bad idea, Stan was starting to think. But he thought Lux wanted to see her friend. Now he wasn't so sure.

It didn't help much that Lux got in a screaming match with Sam. It was over something simple. How messy she was in the kitchen. So Stan had cleaned up the aftermath of the pizza while they had their tangent about how she never did anything. And how Sam doubted she'd ever get a job.

Stan knew he could have jumped in, any old time. Then again, he didn't know if it were enough to help. He was helping by keeping the space clean, he guessed.

Then he was so sure, they wouldn't go.

"But I want to." She was a bit cold, and Stan thought it might be a warning of things to come. It would probably be worse because Sam invited Michelle and the four of them drove over to Tosh's. All the while, Stan babied that veggie pizza. He held on to it in the backseat. Stan had to admit now, he was getting a little nervous.

There was a crowd at Tosh's. Stan was surprised Caleb knew so many people. People at work. People from the CUPCAKE. There were all sorts of food. He was glad Lux made the pizza.

"I should have made deviled eggs. It was would have so much easier." She kept her stare on Tosh, who told her that these finger foods were mostly left over from banquets and such where Caleb worked. "You didn't have to do anything, Lux." Tosh gave her a stare back. Of course, Termite was attached to her hip.

Before Stan knew it, he had the baby. Tosh went to put the pizza in the oven.

"Don't burn it." Lux ordered who was right behind Tosh.

All the while, Termite couldn't get enough of Stan's hair. Then Caleb waved him over. "Put that baby down." He offered Stan a beer but he wouldn't take it. He got a soda instead. Caleb held the baby.

"What do you think?" Caleb wanted to know.

"Its really great." Stan nodded with a smile. Caleb knew people and how to have a party. Of course, Stan was used to wild parties with his friends. Caity would show up with some new pills, for someone to try. Usually, Stan would sit back in the stairwell and watch. He wasn't quite the guy everyone thought he was. Deep down, he didn't have the cash to feed any exciting drug life. His reputation succeeded him.

Soon enough Caleb had a plate of meat for Stan. Caleb said there would be steak. Stan couldn't believe it as he stood there with a plate of it. He went right to the grilled meat.

"Stan, what about the pizza?" Lux found him.

Stan hadn't meant to be a traitor of anything. He guessed that pizza was really important to her. "I've got room for a slice." He hoped she was OK with that.


  1. Stan keeping the peace. I do like him.

  2. That was funny about Don't burn the pizza.

  3. I wish Stan would realize how important that pizza is to her! :/

  4. She doubts herself, I think.


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