Tuesday, March 8, 2011

strange how it is

Caleb was out back of the dining hall lighting up a cigarette. He saw Stan out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey?" He gave Stan a friendly smile and offered him a cigarette. Stan took it and Caleb lit it. "I knew I knew you. I just didn't know where."

Stan shyly smiled as if he'd long for a friend here.

"Everyone, I work with is gay." Stan shrugged.

"Yeah, but you can't live without them." Caleb shrugged. "They're a good bunch. They'd never let you down."

"Yeah." Stan agreed. "Nobody's beat me up."

"Hmm, well, they wouldn't let anyone touch that girlish face of yours." He took another drag with a quick smile.

"So how's Termite?" Stan then asked.

"Termite?" Caleb winced as he leaned there letting the smoke escape into the air between his lips.

"Shit, thats..thats just what Lux calls him." Stan let a smile slip so nervously.

"Oh." Now Caleb laughed. "Joey's a good kid." He nodded.

"I see." Stan smoked his cigarette as if it might help him the next few hours.

"You and Lux should come over, like tomorrow night. I'll cook up something good. How about rib-eye steak?"

"I dunno." Stan smiled as if he wanted too, but shook his head.

"What? Lux won't eat meat?" Caleb winced.

Stan shrugged.

"She wants you, you know." Caleb could sense it.

"Ha ha ha..very funny." Stan shook his head, no.

"Look, she wouldn't be sticking around, if she didn't." This Caleb was certain of it.

"She just wants my bed. I'm gonna move out..as soon as I find a place." Stan acted as if he had a plan, Caleb supposed.

"Well, good luck on that. But I get a feeling, she won't let you. You're about the only thing she can hold on to, at the moment." Caleb looked Stan in the eye. Caleb cracked up, as he could see Stan was scared to death of that fact.


  1. Caleb could be a good a friend.

  2. I like that Stan has someone to talk to.

  3. Hopefully, it'll be a good time for all.

  4. So Termite's name is actually Joey.

  5. Termite! That made me laugh.

    Interesting . . . Lux needing Stan. Hmm.


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