Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its only harder

"WHAT THE HELL!" Stan thrashed the sheets back, jumped out of bed and looked back at Lux. It was so unnerving. Was there anything she couldn't let alone? He slightly scowled. She'd touched him..and..and. Now everything felt frozen.

She gave him an impish smile. He knew how she worked. She was into torment, wasn't she? He wanted to hate her so, but he couldn't if he tried.

"You're so typical, aren't you?" There was an uncanny laugh in her voice that made him want to cringe. He looked away from her and went to hide in the bathroom for awhile. But the hard on, would not go away. He bitterly winced wondering if this was all it would ever be. He shook his head as he climbed into the tub, thinking he might sleep there. Alone.

It was true..his life... a total sham. Caity had boyfriends like drugs now. She was as spacey as she ever was. Michelle had Sam. How come their normal was so much more rewarding than his?

He was sure of it now, Lux had stole from his stash of bills in the sock he kept in the mattress of the bed. Who else would know, but her? She had a talent for finding what she needed.

He laid their still, trying to think of Captain Crush and Mario Brother characters, but the hard on would not go away. What was she expecting?

Stan heard the door knob then. He'd locked the door. The tap came next.

"Are you coming back to bed?" It was Lux.

"No." He said ever so harsh, but then calmly said. "I don't think so."

"I was ..just...joking." Her words were soft.

"I know that." He held on to the other head that dreamed of girls in  hot tubs, scantly clothed like a cheap video on the Internet where body parts looked bigger but not better.

"I'm sorry." Her words were slow.

"No. You're not." He would never believe her. Why? Why was he the one always left on the outside. Left in the cold. Tears grasped him suddenly. His Dad was gone now, as in the coffee can of ashes under his bed. His Mom met a Canadian Mountie. He sniffed tears then. Damn, if the hard on wouldn't go away. Tears dripped down his face.


  1. Is that a talent? Lux's touch? Lol.

  2. I feel really sad for him. Oh, that Lux.

  3. He really is such a sweetheart. :)

  4. I can't help liking Lux. She's just got so much spunk.

    Caity had boyfriends like drugs now. . . . I LOVED that.


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