Tuesday, March 1, 2011

about now

"Coming or going?" Lux looked surprised to see Stan back so early from his job. It wasn't even midnight. Some nights he worked way into the next morning. Like eight or so.

He loosened his tie to his so called monkey suit and proceeded to get undressed.

"Coming home." He was so formal. Lux was a little offended that he would be, of that tone. But he grabbed a t-shirt and flannel pants. He went to the bathroom to change.

Lux put her book away. She didn't care what happened in the Hunger Games at the moment. She imagined Stan as Peeta. Possibly, helpless, but not really. There was a certain charm about him.

"What is it? That you do, exactly?" Lux thought she needed to know.

"Not much, really." He winced. "I thought, we had this conversation before." He looked tired.

"Did we?" She didn't think so.

He got in bed and closed his eyes as if he could sleep just as well with the lamp on. "I put tables up and take them down for meetings and shit." He sighed finally as he turned away from her.

"You won't do it forever, will you?" She winced.

"I want to save up." He sighed.

"For what?"

"I dunno. It changes. Sometimes, a car. Maybe a new computer." He told her.

"Don't your parents help?" She looked at his messy hair and decided she wanted to mess with it too.

"I'd rather not talk about it." He looked back at her then. It was as if his mind was somewhere else. Away from her. She wasn't sure if she liked that or not.

"You're not an orphan, are you?" She thought he might be.

He shook his head, but she wasn't sure she believed him.

"I'll always feel like one. No matter what." She'd decided, hugging herself.

He turned again and got comfortable. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself."

His words shocked her. Stan, of all people, standing up to her. She was miffed. It wasn't an accusation. Just a statement. Lux couldn't take her eyes off of him.

Was that what she was doing? She winced hard as if maybe he did speak the truth.

"Well," She couldn't help but slip next to him. He was so warm. Like a heater of some kind. "Do you want to help me?" It was quite awkward to rest her chin on his shoulder because she was sure she'd get a mouth full of his jungle of hair, but she didn't.

"With what?" She could barely hear him.

"A job. I need a job." She rested her hand on his bony abs.

"What kind of job." He was awake to her surprise.

"I dunno. Answer phones?" There must be something at that big convention center that she could do.

"I'll see." He sighed. It was so quiet then.

She rolled back to her pillow again. And wondered. Wondered if she did anything to him. Even so close to sleep. Lux bit her bottom lip, wondering if she should investigate. Maybe she would.


  1. Just when you don't think so. She's naughty.

  2. OK..I keep wondering how old she's suppose to be. & How old he is suppose to be. hmmmmm...


  3. God, I love Lux.

    I think she's probably too spunky too feel -too- sorry for herself for too long, though. She can deal . . . although, I guess she has to.

  4. Ugh I want something really crazy to happen to them!


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