Thursday, March 24, 2011

who's your cupcake now

Sam could see Stan was trying to do the right thing about the pizza. Eating it first. He took a slice too, as if he'd tell her how great the pizza is.

"This is really good." Sam was honest about it. But Lux gave him a look that it wasn't true. Then Michelle took a slice.

"I like it. The crust is perfect." Michelle told her.

Now Lux was being coy or something. Maybe she even wanted to smile, but she didn't. She walked away.

Sam overheard somebody say there was an opening down at THE CUPCAKE. It was mainly a cashiering position for the lunch crowd.

"Did you hear that?" He had to find Lux to tell her.

"Hey, I'm looking for a job too." Michelle followed Sam into the crowd.

Sam turned to her and saw Michelle's perturbed look. He bit his bottom lip, but took her hand as if he didn't..well, where would his loyalty be. After all, here she was in this strapless party dress. She was so kissable. OK, fuckable. Always. He didn't want to ruin that.

"Right. How could I forget that." He sighed. He looked around. Maybe Lux was right. He was trying to find another Lux. He hadn't meant to. He really hadn't. It didn't feel like that, for the most part. But suddenly, he had someone who wanted to be with him. And she was moving in. Something, he hadn't gotten around to telling Lux yet. But Michelle was there all the time, wasn't she? Lux was bound to know by now.

Even so, he dreaded the conversation. How was he going to live with Michelle and Lux too. Stan better use some sweet magic on Lux. That might be his only chance to get this to work. But there was a job at THE CUPCAKE. He really wanted Lux to get it. But it would probably go to someone else. That was usually his luck. Although, seriously, he knew this wasn't about his luck. Who knew, maybe Michelle could get that job.


  1. I liked the title to this. hmmmm..well, Sam may have his work cut out for him.

  2. Its great being caught in the middle.

  3. Sounds like more than girl trouble to me.

  4. Ah, Stan. It must be so hard to be him . . . he's always having to take care of things.

  5. Stan is always mixed up in the craziest girl trouble! :P

  6. Stan needs to help himself out by relaxing soon!


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