Thursday, February 24, 2011

brother and sister

Sam wasn't sure exactly what to do with the information from Jones. Sure, Sam had been pretty much hot and heavy with Michelle at the moment. And then Jones showed up all worried about Lux.

"Well, she's-she's Lux." Sam told him. What more did he need to know? "She's fine."

Thats when Jones told him that she'd broken up with him and that's when he went to talk to Eric.


"Are you saying its my fault!" Lux was about to sucker punch him when he told her about Jones stopping by. After she got home.

"No, I'm not saying that." Sam looked at her startled. It was enough to make Michelle go home. He didn't want to see her leave just yet, but he could tell how happy Lux was about it. Stan was off taking a shower, getting ready for work. It was just the two of them in the kitchen now.

"GOD THEY'RE LIKE TWINS NOW." She yelled as if she couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Eric and Jones?" Sam shrugged not thinking much of either of them. He knew he never liked how she'd fallen for Eric. He wasn't that great. And he was her teacher or something. It was just wrong. And he knew that's when she hated him the most. When he told her his dad ..about it. That was long before they knew they were even slightly related. Still he thought he was doing her a favor about that. And then, Jones won didn't he?

"Look, I know you are upset. But how long are you going to be like this, Lux?" Now he yelled back. "You have to move on, or..or you'll never go on with anything. Just, just think about you, will you? What are you gonna do with your life."

Her stare looked as if she could come at him with her teeth.

"Look, Jones is worried about you." Sam thought she should know. "He came here, hoping to see you."

"Well, I don't want to see him. I never want to see him. Do you hear me?" She was fierce.

"Gotcha." He turned then to look for something she might eat. Spaghetti. She didn't like meat in her spaghetti. He thought of the time she just ate spaghetti with ketchup on it. He smiled. He reached for her favorite Kraft dinner for her. He got out a pot to boil water then and start supper.

"You know, that Michelle is still seeing Tony, don't you?" She just said as if to sting his happiness.

Sam stopped what he was doing for a second. But he didn't want to listen. He went on with preparing the boxed meal.

"She'll never give him up for you. Never." Her voice was so low, yet there was something evil.

Sam guessed he deserved to hear that from her. Maybe she was right. She always wanted to be right. He hoped this time she was wrong.

" did you get so ...mad? Lux?" Sam turned back to her.

"Why, I got it from you, Sam." She smiled then as if this was all his fault.


  1. such brother and sisters..but it might go deeper than that.

  2. I was confused for a while on whether this was a fight or not

  3. I think she likes fussing with him. But he is looking out for her.

  4. The brother/sister bond is always unique! :)

  5. I think she enjoys being mad at him.

  6. The tension here is so well done.

    I really, really like Lux.

  7. Haha. I so like the tension here. So real. :))


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