Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thinking back

It took a lot out of Stan to see the two of them together. Sam and Michelle. They really seemed to be hitting it off. She was like a complete different person around him.

Still, it was as if nothing had changed. He felt like the chum watching from the side-lines. This incomplete life of his that he would always be, playing the supporting player. Always.

As it was, a few days later on another adventure with Lux...he'd been pulled through most of the day by Lux's hand, who was off thrifting for starters. She said there was no need to get that baby of Tasha's anything new. He'd mess it up, anyway. It was sort of funny how she was. As if Stan were her child. She'd rather be trying on silly fedoras on his head than explaining why she hadn't returned any of her mother's phone calls.

"I'm going to take care of myself, you know." She told Stan in one of their little dark alleys of clothes, all around them, at a little store in the village.

Stan didn't tell her she couldn't. But there was just something competitive in her nature.

"I saw how you looked at her?" She said out of the blue when she started up about Sam. Lux found a golden cardigan that she pulled on him and buttoned up over his skateboarding T.

"Shell?" Stan looked at Lux as if he had to stand still to please her, while she smoothed the sweater over his shoulders.

"So you have a special name for her, do you?" She was being a bit snippy now.

"Um, no, no really I don't." Stan wasn't quite sure what he was being pulled into. Was there friction between her and Sam?

"He looks disgustingly happy with her." She scowled then.

"Well-" She wouldn't let him finished. She jerked him through the jungle of clothes. Before he knew it, they were outdoors, and he was in a stolen sweater. "Did you mean, to do that?" He watched her as they edged through the venders. She snatched a pair a shades and a bag of croissants. She was a thief. Stan's eyes lit.

Next they went to the park where the water peacefully spewed about in the cold spring wind.

"What's wrong with you?" He took the croissant she handed over as they sat on the bench.

"Can't I be myself, around you? We share the same bed, don't we?" She squinted hard.

"You make it sound-" Stan hesitated. "Like, we're lovers when-when." He bit into the croissant thinking he might choke.

"I hate my parents." She was serious. She ate the bread like a pauper. "They forget me. Completely. I have to go find them. They finally meet. Realize they always loved each other. And..and I'm still out of the picture, Stanley. I am." She was bitter. He knew.

Stan nibbled at his bread. He watched her toss a few threads of it to the birds.

"Do you think we can be best friends?" Lux looked at Stan out of the corner of her eye.

Stan nodded. He felt her fingers pull the long strand of hair out of his eye and behind his ear. She kissed his cheek then. Stan couldn't help but smile.


  1. oh, all these things we are finding out about Lux.

  2. Lux is certainly different than I imagined.

  3. You can't help but see she's lost and feels unloved.

  4. I could see this so clearly in my head. I love Lux's honesty.

  5. Lux is such an amazing character; so multi-dimensional. :)

  6. She definitely has the beat of her own this.


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