Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friends forever

Lux watched Stan spread a tube Carmex across his lips, ever so carefully. She wanted to laugh, but she didn't. She looked back at the chocolate heart-shape cup cakes under the glassed counter. They could get two for one. Evidently,  it hadn't been a good Valentines day down at the CupCake.

"We'll take four of those." She pointed. She gave the clerk some cash and Stan grabbed the mugs of coffee. She took the cakes and they found a red booth to sit in.

"You're gonna love these." It might not have been the most nutritious breakfast, but she was starving. She tore into one immediately. "Taste just like chocolate covered cherries, but better." She smiled.

Stan was somber. He sipped at his creamed coffee, but finally stuffed the whole cake in his mouth. He had chocolate stuck on his upper and bottom lip.

She couldn't resist to clean him up as if he were her child. At least he wasn't quite as noisy as Tasha's bambino. Just then she saw Tasha, the baby and some guy.

Lux scrunched her nose. She sensed that this guy was probably a friend of Bug's. Probably his roomie in prison. Lux just stared.

"Is that breakfast?" Tasha teased. The baby who Lux had renamed Termite (with out asking) kicked and made noises as if he didn't want his mother too far away.

Tasha's new guy ordered them drinks and got the special, too.

"We had nothing better to do." Lux shrugged.

Tasha stared at Stan. Finally, Lux got up the nerve to introduce him. He just gave her the one eye look over since his other eye was well covered with his stringy hair. Stan went back to his coffee.

"This is Caleb." Tasha finally got Caleb over. "I forgot to tell you, he-he moved in with me."

"Seriously?" Lux felt like reprimanding her, but she knew she didn't have any right.

"Yeah, he's from Rosewood. We met at a concert." Tasha smiled.

Lux didn't believe that for a second. She bet he was up to no good. He looked like he might have gang connections or something. But she guessed she'd have to rip his shirt off or something to know for sure which she would not do. She just gave him a go to hell look. He gave her a cute smile.

"Why don't you and your boyfriend, come over sometime. I could make you guys, something spicy. I make a mean chili."

"He's not my boyfriend." Lux had to cut in.

"Not yet? Huh?" He held in a laugh. Caleb went to get Termite out of the baby stroller.

Perhaps Tasha just needed a babysitter, that's what this was all about. Lux went back to her cupcake. It just wasn't like it used to be with Tasha. Lux felt as if she were stuck in second gear and her friend had moved on with a lot of baggage, that she obviously didn't mind carrying.


  1. oh, my..so other characters can come in from other shows on this...huh?

  2. Lux is hilarious. I like her.

  3. Lux and rename for the kid. I wonder what his real name is???

  4. I kind of want to be Lux - she is a blast!! :)

  5. Lux is something. I wonder what Tasha will think about "termite" for the baby's name.

  6. I honestly love lux, she has the funniest way of dealing with tasha


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