Monday, February 14, 2011

more than pretty eyes

"You have pretty eyes." Michelle said it more than once.

Sam supposed she was sincere about it, but possibly something was going on here, other than her trying to get in his pants. It was weird.

He'd kept her occupied with the kissing. And it was getting amazing. But he really didn't want it to be just sex. He wanted to know what was really going on. Yet, here.. he was fascinated with the texture of her skin, how she breathed him in. He didn't want to let this go.

"So don't you think you should be getting back to Tony?" He finally asked after some time went by. He couldn't calculate the hours or minutes. It was all so momentous. Just being this close to her..with their clothes on.

"No." She whispered in his ear as if she was going to stay.

"And Stan?" He wanted to know what feelings she had for him.

"He's like a little brother." She laughed. Sam thought the same thing. Yeah, they both loved him like a little brother.

"So you won't tell Tony, he's here?" He whispered back as if they might be under surveillance right now.

"Un-uh." She was being silly now as she found his abs to touch under his shirt. Damn, she was so close. He really wasn't sure what to do. Tony would have fucked her by now. But he did want her to know she was more special than that.

"So would you go out with me?" It might be his only way to really steal her heart.

"Maybe." She didn't sound the type to really want romance. It was as if this Tony had brainwashed her. He guessed.

"I take that as a yes?" He whispered.

"We'd have to ..really keep it a secret, you know." She looked at him so serious.

"I know." He could be easily persuaded. They could just touch. Perhaps.


  1. Maybe they'll be good together.

  2. Maybe things could work out between them. :/

  3. They look so good in blue. Hopefully, they won't make each other blue.

  4. He just might be the best boyfriend..EVER!


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