Tuesday, February 8, 2011

that's how it is

OK, where ever Stan went, he was on the look out for Tony. Yeah, he guessed they were best friends, but Tony was a user. Plain and simple. Perhaps even Stan's personal bully. He got it, Tony wanted him to fail. Tony didn't want it to work with Caity. He wanted Stan to hurt. Always.

Of course, Stan looked quite oblivious about all of this. He kept looking down. Doing what he was meant to do at work..even if it were back-breaking. Sure, maybe he played too many video games, smoked too much pot and well..wacked off when he could. But really, he wasn't hurting anyone.

He just wished.

1. tony would be nice to Michelle.
2. michelle would figure out what a fuckwad Tony was.
3. forget about either one of them.

But this didn't seem possible. And he felt so low, thinking he'd spot Tony each moment. He loaded up on the bus to go home from work. It was late. As he sat there half asleep, he looked up and thought he saw Tony, laughing it up with some girl. A girl who was not Michelle.

But he looked once more. It was just a figment of his imagination.

Finally, he got off at his bus stop. It was starting to snow. He hurried back to Sam's. When he let himself in, he heard giggling. He knew he'd walked in on something. Yet, it was the last person he expected to see at Sam's.

Michelle was sitting in Sam's lap.

"Sorry." He knew he shouldn't be here, but it was too cold out and he was tired. He went to his room immediately. But Lux was there out of sorts. He just stood there behind the shut door. She'd been crying.

"You OK?" He finally got up the nerve to ask.

"You're home?" She could barely get the words out. She put her arms around him and cried on his shoulder. She smelled of alcohol. Just his luck. If he'd been Tony, he would have taken advantage of the situation, but he couldn't think that far ahead.

"How come everything I touch turns gay?" She blurted out.

"What?" He looked at her then as he put his hands on her arms that were around his neck.

She nodded as if it were a horrible wrath.

"I'm sure that's not true." He kept his eyes on her. Lux and Stan finally set on the bed and she told him all about her day and how she found out how her ex was with a teacher she'd always had a thing for.

Stan listened through all the blubbering. She spilled more tears on his shoulder, but he didn't mind. He seemed to be used to this kind of thing with girls. They tended to like to cry on his shoulder.


  1. This was sad, but also funny. "How come everything I touch turns gay?" "She nodded as if it were a horrible wrath." I liked it.

  2. She's definitely going through a tough time right now. She needs to meet a great guy! :)

  3. Its terrible to have people like that who choose your friends for you..and what you'll do.

  4. Tony is bad. I don't want Stan that way.

  5. I like Stan. I hope Stan stays away from Tony.

  6. Ehh...I would only watch it for the alternative part. You know..Vampire Weekend, Black Keys, Broken Bells, Band of Horses, and Arcade Fire.

    I like Stan and Lux.

  7. I feel bad for for stan, why is it that tony uses him, poor guy.


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