Wednesday, January 26, 2011

time to sleep

There she was, in the far corner of the bed next to the cold wall. It was kind of chilly in here. Stan hadn't thought of flannel sheets. Well, he didn't think much of the bed. He crawled into it after work and slept til the sun shown. Usually.

See, he hadn't exactly graduated from high school. He was in limbo. But he was making ends meet. He had the job down at the banquet hall where he set up tables and took them down. Sometimes, he could make well over a hundred bucks in tips at the coat check closet. It was just best not to think the money would always be there. Like everything else in his life.

Like Caity.

He missed her, but she kept saying, "You always wanted Michelle. You know its true..."


But Michelle was Tony's girl. She was off limits. And now, he thought it was all just an excuse. Caity was in love with something else. It wasn't him. It might not be herself. Possibly it was. Or maybe this state of being that he couldn't quite comprehend. He didn't want too.

It was all so much stress. Tony. The gang. Caity and her dysfunctional disorders. No one seemed to care what he had to go through at home with his Dad and Mom. It was just better here.

He'd met Sam at the skate park. Granted, neither were going to be on the Dew tour anytime soon. But they'd hung out. Even had a joint or two together. And Sam understood him. He hadn't tried to set him up with anyone..until now.

But he guessed Lux wasn't Sam's idea, either. He guessed. He supposed he'd have to make the best of it. Cause he wasn't going back to where Tony ruled. Never.


  1. which one will it be..he'll be loyal too.

  2. I'm glad he's getting away from tony.

  3. I might like this Stan more than the one on Skins.

  4. Like this one. Deep.

    "Or maybe this state of being that he couldn't quite comprehend."

  5. I'm glad that he's separating himself from the others. :)


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