Sunday, January 30, 2011

how can you tell

Stan reminded Lux of a hamster. No, guinea pig. He was her guinea pig. That was it. Guinea pig.

He hadn't dared rolled into her in that lumpy bed. Granted, she'd slept in worse places. She was a survivor of the misguided Foster parent care system, now wasn't she? Of course, she could hardly stand to be with her own mother these days. Her mother and father had started over with a new baby. Although, this one wasn't blond like her. Instead, they got a dark headed baby boy.

She knew she wasn't suppose to be jealous. Lux didn't mean to be. She didn't know what this was..she was going through. But she knew it wasn't Jones that she wanted. But she didn't know where to go, either.

Couldn't Sam be the brother he was suppose to be? Or did he still have feelings for her? Was that it?

She got up to pee, just in her bikini undies and ribbed tank. It was so damn cold. Were these two hot blooded boys, or what?

She went to dig in the fridge for something. She had no idea if Sam was even here. There was some left over pizza out on the counter. She snarled her nose up at that and chunked the box in the trash. She needed breakfast food like cereal. Couldn't they have some Honey-Nut Cheerios, at least?

The milk was fresh, but not for long. She went through the cabinets until she found some Captain Crunch. That would have to do. She reached for it as she heard the front door open. Just her luck, there was Sam's Mom holding a laundry basket of goodies.

"What are you doing here?" Emma glared at her as if Lux had done the unthinkable.

"I'm hunting for breakfast? What are you doing here?" Lux glared back.

"You and Sam?"

"What?" His mom needed to get her head out of the gutter. "I have not forgotten who he is." She rolled her eyes and went back to looking for a bowl. "Besides, I'm staying with his roommate."

"Stan?" She almost laughed.

"Yeah, whats wrong with Stan?" Lux felt like she had to stand up for him. Suddenly.

"He's just a kid." Emma told her.

"He's not a baby." Lux winced as she sat down to pour herself some cereal for breakfast. OK, she might have been a little older, but not by much.

"He's trying to get away from that..that horrible group of kids he hangs out with." She sat down the laundry basket.

"I wouldn't know." Lux really didn't need to know. Did she have to know?


  1. He does remind me of a guinea pig. hehehee...

  2. I wonder if she'll even care about Stan.

  3. I'm glad Sam's Mom came over.

  4. It funny how some people are always oblivious to other people's problems.

  5. I like that description of Stan.

  6. I hope Lux will think about Stan's feelings.


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