Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stan the man

"You gonna do it?" Sam looked at Stan who was still on the couch staring at the TV screen.

"I-I could sleep right here." He was being shy. Naturally. It was as if Lux had already won.

"Dude," Sam said, slapping his hand on Stan's thin shoulders. "You know, we can't have that. You pay me three hundred a month to live here, you know. She's gotta learn, she can't get away with this. Right?"

Stan just nodded.

"So get your ass in there. Tell her what side of the bed you live on. You make the rules. Got it." Sam gave Stan the eye that he had to man up. Just had too.

"But.." Stan finally turned to him. "Can't-"

"Listen, she's might look all cute and cuddly, but she a real bitch. She really is." Sam knew this for a fact. Didn't matter if they were slightly related or not. Thank God, they'd never hooked up. "Look, she'll be gone in no time. I know how she is. She'll get in a huff and she'll find that teacher dude she knew back in high school. I don't think he's married. Probably holding out for her." Sam yawned. He cut the TV.

"Come on." Sam practically dragged Stan off the couch. "You go in there and stand up to her. Right now."

Stan just gave him that puppy-dog look of his.

"Right, she'll go for that." Sam petted him on the head. He really looked a mess. "NOT."


  1. Well that is not all. Sam seems like one of those straight forward types, like when the new kid walks into the classroom and the kid on the side explains everyone in the class.

  2. wow, thems the breaks I guess. Hope Stan thinks of something.

  3. That Stan if being put in the middle. Dang.

  4. He seems to have been pushed into this.

  5. Wow. Another story to look forward to. :)

    I like the fonts. ^_^

  6. Oh, Stan, he has to put up with a lot.

  7. I wonder just how bad you'll make this.

  8. Hey you have an interesting blog, I love your font too!


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