Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wouldn't you know

What was Sam so worried about? He doubted he'd ever see Lux. He got home from classes. No one home, except him. Just the way he liked it.

Stan was already off to work. God knows what Lux was doing. Probably nothing constructive. Possibly fussing about something somewhere. Yeah, he knew this girl.

He was beat. What the fuck was he doing taking these stupid science classes. Not that he'd ever use them. He doubted. But then again, dear old Dad and even Granddad were paying for these classes at the Uni.

Sam fell back on the couch and crunched right into a letter addressed to him. From sweet old Mom.

He sighed, opening it. A hundred dollar bill dropped out of the card. She always had a thing for kittens, he guessed. Thankfully, she hadn't brought them a kitten. Naturally, it was a card full of sweet things. She really could sugar coat it. Sam knew he'd be the only man to come first in her life..yadayadayada...whatever.

He got up and stuffed the big bill in his wallet and dug through the goodies she'd brought, everything from shaving cream, to a tin of tea cookies. Didn't take him long to break into the cookies. He didn't even have the munchies. Before he knew it, he was in the kitchen drinking the rest of the milk out of the milk cartoon. Someone had been into this. He doubted it was Stan. Probably Lux, if he were guessing.

Sam got comfy then and slid out of his flannel shirt, took off his shoes. He was so tempting to take off his pants, cause with Stan around, they did just about everything in their underwear. But just as he was unbuckling his belt, there came a tap on the door.

"Is Stan here?" A strawberry blond asked.

"Stan?" He knew what he was suppose to say. "Don't know who you're talking about." But he couldn't help but smile because ..well, she was sexy. Especially, the way she used her mouth and her moves. She edged her way in before he could stop her. Well, he did like what he saw.

"Tony's looking for him?"

"Who? I dunno a Stan." Sam shrugged as she looked around at the apartment.

"You're the worst liar." Her cat like moves startled him as she looked back at him. It seemed she was going to find refreshments on her own in the kitchen. "Ever." She accentuated with a sly smile.

"Really? How do you know?" His eyes followed her who didn't stay in the galley kitchen long. She took a peak in his bedroom then.

"You can't protect him, you know." She stared at him then.

"Protect him?" What was she talking about? Stan had been here for well over a month. Maybe two. Sam really wasn't into counting the weeks nor days.

"Look, I know you mean well, but Tony needs Stan." She seemed so certain of it.

"Wow, makes it sound like a romance." Sam chuckled.

"For a bromance, its pretty close to that." She sighed as she hugged herself. Sam wanted to take his eyes off her, but she came closer. So close. Her fingers walked up his arm to his shoulders. She was within kissing radar.

Sam thought he might fall over.

She kissed him then.

"You see, Tony really doesn't need me." She smiled ever so careful. Her arms came around  him neck.

"Well, then, should we see if he misses you?" Sam made light of it. He kissed her once more and this time, he made good on that kiss.


  1. I don't know; she seems as if she's up to something. I hope that Sam is careful here. :/

  2. Well..maybe he'll be different.

  3. Hmmmmm.....suspicion is rising, she seems a bit odd, but at least she isn't shy :D


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