Saturday, July 2, 2011

what to think what to do

Sam wasn't sure how to digest this. This little revelation of Tony's. Could Tony possibly be attracted to him too?

At least Tony was long gone now. Sam paced in the kitchen barefooted in the wee hours of the morning. He grabbed the cold milk in the fridge and drank from the carton.

He felt as if he'd been spooked. Yet, he didn't know why. Why was this bothering  him? Really?

Of course, there was the Michelle matter. She'd want to know. She'd have to know of Tony's visit, now wouldn't she?

And how would it have gone down ...if she had known about...Tony's feelings about Stan.

Sam nibbled his bottom lip. He didn't want to worry. It wasn't his problem. In fact, it wasn't even their problem. It was Tony with the stupid problem, now wasn't it?

He hardly knew him, and yet it felt Tony poured his heart out to him, in just a short little bit. It was confusing. And..AND WHAT DID IT MEAN? Were they friends now?

He shook his head, no. Sam thought of tossing the milk away. Possibly, hitting it against the wall in some angst move, stirring in his gut. But no, he calmly put the milk back in its space. Just as he'd stay in his space.

He heard the shuffle of Michelle. He looked up to see her at the doorway.

"What are you doing up?" Her eyes were full of sleep. She might as well have been sleep walking.

"Hungry, I guess." He pulled out the Honey Os. Soon enough they were having a late snack in bed. Sort of a peculiar picnic, but there they were sitting in bed, sitting with legs folded in as if they'd do yoga soon as they ate.

"You, OK?" Michelle looked at him out of the corner of her eye as she crunched on the cereal too.

"Yeah, I just couldn't sleep." He hadn't even tried, actually.

"You're, the best, you know. I-I love you." She told him.

Sam nodded with a smile. His mouth was full. He meant to say it back. Immediately. Still he said it soon enough.

"Uh.." He cleared his throat. "Tony came by."

"What!" Suddenly she was not as sweet as the minute before.

"Its OK. You were asleep. He..he just needed to talk." Sam nodded, thinking now, he wasn't meant to share Tony's secret.

"About what?" Michelle winced hard.

"I dunno, exactly. He..he feels hurt. I guess." Sam shrugged. "Maybe..maybe he's trying to change." Sam tried to smile. He just wasn't sure what Tony was trying to change into.


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