Thursday, March 31, 2011

needing some fun

Stan stood there by Lux at the apartment that Tosh showed them. He'd gotten off work early. Lux just wouldn't shut up about the place, but still he didn't get why he had to come along.

"But there are other people's stuff." He looked a little bit confused. This was some old woman's place. Why had she left it?

"That's what happens when you sublet a place." Lux shrugged.

"You could put it away, right?" He wanted to know as he stared at her.

"Yeah, of course." She kind of scowled.

"God, its just freaky, huh." He looked at the old pictures on the wall. Kind of a hodgepodge of silly things. There were small statues of clowns.

"Well, that would definitely have to go." She told him she hated clowns.

"Yeah." He nodded. But there was a bed and a couch. The TV looked decrypted. "But I could see you here." He tried to stay positive with the deep pink walks that might have been a rather dark fuchsia, maybe more burgundy. He couldn't decide.

"What are you talking about? You'll be here with me." She informed.

"Really?" A shiver got to him, but it was almost a laugh. He saw her serious look. He guessed he had to be serious too. Stan followed her into the kitchen. There was a dishwasher. But there was that person's dishes too. He winced then. He didn't like it.

"How can we do this?" It didn't feel right to make himself at home in a stranger's place.

"Well, I say we get our own dishes. You know, not much. A plate for you and me. Our own mugs. Utensils too, and we just put it right on top of what we see here. We can't have wicked parties or anything." Lux sighed.

"OK." He turned toward the bedroom. It looked like a flower garden. Floral bedspread. This time a shelf of gnomes stretched across the wall above the bed. But the bed was huge.

Stan smiled all over. He fell right into it. His own space. Sort of. Really, room enough for both of them. Yes, he could get used to this. But it smelled of cheap perfume. It wasn't his room. Probably, never would be.

"I hate that bedspread." She crossed her arms. Of course, Stan looked like he might be making snow angels in it, the way he was flopping his arms about. "I want it black. But I guess the sheets could be a dark pink."

Stan nodded. He wasn't really into decorating, but he liked the prospects. She finally laid next to him, found her side of the bed. Stan couldn't help but smile. Lux started to laugh. This could really be fun, Stan believed. Hopefully, she wouldn't burst that thought just yet.


  1. moving in together. I wonder what Lux has in mind.

  2. A very interesting place, indeed.

  3. I'd like to see that place..myself.

  4. I can't wait to see how this turns out. :/

  5., this could be so cool!


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